🔔Chat Alerts

Configure automated alerts that are sent to your Kick chat when somebody follows, subs, or gifts subs.

Getting Started

For this process you will need a KickBot account. If you do not already have a KickBot account navigate to kickbot.app and sign up. For more information, follow this guide on getting started.

To start, navigate to the "Chat Alerts" page under "Alerts" in the left-hand navigation.

Chat Alerts

There are three different types of alerts that can be configured and customized.

These let you know the following:

  • Sub Alerts: When someone subs, or when someone's subscription renews.

  • Gifted Sub Alerts: When someone has gifted subs.

  • Follow Alerts: When someone has followed you.

Every alert available is enabled by default.


Preview all of the above settings and variables in real-time to see how they are applied.

Testing Chat Alerts

The alerts can be tested through the !subtest, !gifttest, and !followtest commands respectively. If there is no response and your account was just created, give it a minute and try again.

If you are still experiencing any issues please reach out to support@kickbot.app or #support on our Discord server.

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