🆕Creating your account

How to get started with KickBot and link your Kick account.

What is KickBot?

KickBot is a leading bot and content creation tool for streamers on Kick.com. It is used by thousands of streamers, including some of the largest names on the platform. KickBot offers widgets, overlays, alerts, a cloud chat bot, a VOD downloader, a VOD editor, a stream deck plugin, and a !clip command.

Signing up

To get started head to kickbot.app. Here, you will see a "Login with Discord" button. Press this and follow the sign in process.

Linking your Kick account

To access many KickBot features you must link your account. This is done to ensure that you actually own the account you are trying to add the bot to. If you navigate to any page that requires verification you will see a menu with instructions on how to verify. Follow these steps, and you will then have full access to KickBot. Don't forget to add KickBot as a mod on your channel!

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