With KickBot you can create clips and perform moderation actions on your Kick stream with an Elgato Stream Deck. This plugin works on any Stream Deck model, as well as the Stream Deck mobile app.

Getting Started

For this process you will need a KickBot account. If you do not already have a KickBot account navigate to kickbot.app and sign up. For more information, follow this guide on getting started.

Verifying your account

Once signed in, enter your Kick username in the KickBot settings. Make sure this exactly matches your Kick username. After it's saved, press "Verify Kick Account" in the Stream Deck box and follow the instructions in the prompt.

When verification is complete you will be able to access your KickBot Stream Deck key. This is used to connect the plugin to KickBot, make sure this key is kept secret as anyone with access will be able to use it. If it has been exposed you can regenerate the key, this will invalidate any old keys and give you a new key.

Installing the plugin

You can install the plugin here. Once downloaded, double-click the file and it will be added as a plugin in your Stream Deck software. If you do not have the Stream Deck software installed you can download it here.

Configuring the plugin

Inside the Stream Deck software, you should now see a "KickBot" category on the right side of the screen. Like any other plugin, you can drag an action onto your deck and configure it using the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Paste the key found in the KickBot settings page into the "KickBot Key" box, some actions may also have additional settings. Do note, if you are using the clip action make sure you have enabled the !clip command on KickBot. Learn more about the !clip command here.

You are now able to control your Kick stream with your Stream Deck! If you are experiencing issues don't hesitate to join our support Discord server.

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