🎬Clipping VODs

This page demonstrates how you can create clips from your past streams with KickBot.

Getting Started

For this process you will need a KickBot account. If you do not already have a KickBot account navigate to kickbot.app and sign up. For more information, follow this guide on getting started.

Using the VOD editor

On the left side of the screen click the "VODs" dropdown and navigate to the "VOD Editor" page. Here you will see the option to enter a video link.

The video link can be found on kick.com and is the URL of the VOD you want to clip. You can copy it from the top of the browser as shown in the picture. Make sure that your link is formatted similarly, if it has a different format you may be copying the wrong link.

Creating clips

After the video has been loaded you will see a preview of the VOD on the left and your created clips on the right. The controls perform the following actions: set clip start, rewind, play, fast forward, and set clip end.

Using the set clip start and set clip end buttons you can define what timestamps the clip should be created from. Once you are happy with your clip press "Save" and enter a name. The clip will show in the "Saved Clips" panel and the download will be ready in a few seconds. You are also able to view the clip directly on KickBot so you can share it without the need of downloading. This preview can take anywhere from 1 minute to several minutes to be generated based on the duration of the clip.

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