🎲Emote Spawner

Randomly spawn emotes from chat onto your Kick.com stream through OBS or Streamlabs, a great way to increase your engagement.

Getting Started

For this process you will need a KickBot account. If you do not already have a KickBot account navigate to kickbot.app and sign up. For more information, follow this guide on getting started.

Configuring the emote spawner

In the panel on the left side of the screen navigate to "Interactions" and open the "Emote Spawner" menu. This is where you will be able to configure the emote spawner and see a preview of what it will look like. Do note that on your stream the emotes will be able to spawn anywhere, the preview should primarily be used to determine the emote size and duration.

The % chance configuration represents the percent chance that an emote will spawn on your stream. For example, if you set this to be a 30% chance that means every emote posted in chat has a 30% chance of spawning. Only 1 emote can be active at once and only 1 emote per message has a chance of spawning.

Copying the widget URL

At the top of the screen above the configuration and preview sections there is a box labeled "Widget URL". This URL is how you will add the emote spawner to your OBS or Streamlabs. Copy this URL.

Adding a browser source

Setting this up in OBS and Streamlabs is a very simple process. This section will just cover the OBS instructions, but if you are using Streamlabs the naming and instructions are nearly identical. Once OBS or Streamlabs is open you will need to add a browser source.

Enter your widget URL

Inside of the browser source modal paste the widget URL you copied from KickBot into the "URL" field.

After you paste the URL you need to configure the width and height of the browser source. The emote spawner is intended to cover your entire stream so set this to your exact stream resolution (in my case 1920 by 1080).

Testing it out

After you add the browser source you will see the emote spawner added to your stream! If you update any of the overlay settings while streaming you will need to reload the emote spawner by refreshing the browser source.

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